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    Third Party Steel Inspection Organization - Metal Material Inspection

    According to national standards, common items for steel inspection include chemical composition analysis, mechanical properties, hardness, corrosion resistance, and flaw detection. The specific indicators to be tested depend on the requirements of the exp

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    Pull-out Test Institution Reinforcement Pull-out

    The pull-out test is a common experimental method for testing the anchorage effect of reinforcement materials with the matrix. The principle of the pull-out test is frictional action, which tightly combines the reinforcement material with the soil by appl

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    How to test stainless steel materials? What items are tested?

    To perform the testing, it is recommended to seek a professional team that can issue authoritative reports. The Zhengzhou Metal Products Research Institute of the China Steel Group is an excellent choice!

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    Bolt Tensile Testing - Third-party Bolt Testing Organization

    Bolt tensile testing can be done at China Steel Inspection (中钢国检). China Steel Inspection is a reliable third-party testing organization, a state-owned inspection unit with qualifications to issue testing reports. If you need to test bolts, you can contac

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