Architectural coatings have the function of decoration, protection and inhabitability improvement. It is suitable for concrete, brick masonry, pre-cast body, steel structure, furniture wood, metal surface coating, etc. Different types of protected bodies have different requirements for protection functions, and some buildings have special requirements for mildew prevention, fire prevention, thermal insulation, corrosion resistance and so on.

Test Range
Paint, coating, paint film, coating film, primer, intermediate paint, top paint, epoxy paint, acrylic, polyurethane paint, fluorocarbon paint and so on.

Test item
Formaldehyde content, brush-resistance, ratio, resistance to weathering, deterioration grade, surface cleanliness, surface roughness, salt, appearance, thickness, coating adhesion, discharge time, non-volatile matter content, fluorine content, zinc content, fineness, hiding power, density, drying time, bending, hardness, moisture and heat resistance, etc

Detection standard
JT/T 1308-2020  Fire retardant coating for highway engineering tunnels
GB 18582-2020  Limits of harmful substances in building exterior wall coatings
GB 14907-2018  Fireproof coating for steel structure
GB/T 9756-2018  Synthetic resin emulsion interior wall coating
HG/T 3668-2009  zinc rich primer
HG/T 2454-2014  Solvent-based polyurethane coating (Two-component)
HG/T 4845-2015  Cold coated zinc paint
HG/T 3792-2005  crosslinked fluorine resin coating

About The Company

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1. Established in 1985, with more than 30 years of testing experience, the first batch of third-party impartial technical inspection institutions approved by the State Administration for Market Regulation.

2. There are offices in various provinces in China, with 12 branch laboratories, which are convenient and convenient, and the testing efficiency is high.

3. Testing capabilities, including 10,000+ parameters and 4,000+ products, covering more than 3,000 items including national standards, industry standards, and international standards.

4. The testing service industry covers metal products, roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, ports, civil construction, petroleum, water conservancy, environmental engineering, etc.

Qualification Image

Qualification Image

Inspection Process

Inspection Process


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