How to test stainless steel materials? What items are tested?

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To perform the testing, it is recommended to seek a professional team that can issue authoritative reports. The Zhengzhou Metal Products Research Institute of the China Steel Group is an excellent choice!
1. The China Steel National Inspection is a national-level testing organization with a highly skilled and leading technical team in the industry.

2. Low cost: The National Metal Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center has established a comprehensive price system standard while ensuring high-quality and efficient testing, ensuring that customers enjoy highly competitive prices within the industry.

3. Comprehensive testing qualifications and wide scope: The National Metal Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center is currently authorized by the state for testing in eleven major categories, including more than 1500 parameters, 2000 products, including national standards, industry standards, international standards, and standards from developed countries such as the United States, Europe, and Japan, totaling more than 3000. The center has multiple testing qualifications such as CMA, CAL, CNAS, ILAC, etc.

4. Short testing cycle: Following the principle of prioritizing service, the National Metal Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center guarantees accurate data and strives to shorten the testing cycle as much as possible, allowing customers to obtain accurate and efficient testing reports as soon as possible.

5. Reliable enterprise: The National Metal Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center is one of the first third-party impartial technical inspection institutions approved by the State Administration for Market Regulation. It is also a national-level safety production Class A testing institution authorized by the Ministry of Emergency Management (formerly the State Administration of Work Safety). It is a state-owned enterprise under the China Steel Group and possesses more persuasive power than general private third-party testing companies.

6. Accurate data: The National Metal Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center adheres to the principles of fairness and scientific rigor as a third-party technical organization, standardizes laboratory quality inspection work, ensures the accuracy of each testing data, and guarantees the authenticity and reliability of each testing report.

Testing items:

Physical properties: magnetic performance, electrical performance, thermal performance, oxidation resistance, wear resistance, salt spray, density, coefficient of thermal expansion, elastic modulus, hardness, among others.

Chemical properties: atmospheric corrosion, intergranular corrosion, stress corrosion, pitting corrosion, corrosion fatigue, simulated atmosphere corrosion.

Mechanical properties: tensile, impact, bending, compression, shear, fracture, relaxation, fatigue, among others.

Non-destructive testing: electromagnetic-ultrasonic, ultrasonic, liquid penetrant testing, magnetic particle testing.

Metallographic examination: macroscopic metallography, microscopic metallography.

Failure analysis: fracture analysis, corrosion analysis.

Testing standards: GB/T 33926, GB/T 19228, GB/T 1220, GB/T 3089, GB/T 12771, GB/T 4232, GB/T 4230, etc.

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