SBS waterproof coil is mainly used in building walls, roofs, tunnels, highways, landfills, etc., to resist external rain and groundwater leakage, a flexible building material product that can be rolled into a roll, as a non-leakage connection between the engineering foundation and the building, is the waterproof road barrier of the entire project. It plays a vital role in the whole project, and the waterproof coil requires good water resistance. Sinosteel National inspection engineers introduced in detail the waterproof coil test indicators thickness, mass per unit area, tensile property, impermeability, low temperature flexibility, low temperature bending, heat resistance, thermal aging, etc., the customer according to the use of the environment to determine the specific index requirements as the basis for testing.

Test Range
Chlorinated polyethylene waterproof sheet, elastomer modified asphalt waterproof sheet, SBS modified asphalt waterproof sheet, SBS waterproof sheet, self-adhesive polymer modified asphalt waterproof sheet, chlorinated polyethylene waterproof sheet, high polymer modified asphalt waterproof sheet, double-sided self-adhesive polymer (EVA) composite waterproof sheet, polymer single-sided self-adhesive waterproof sheet, PET wet spread waterproof sheet, Polymer modified asphalt waterproof roll, EVA flat waterproof roll, polymer self-adhesive film waterproof roll, etc

Test item
Dimensional change rate, tensile property, longitudinal tearing strength, transverse tearing strength, low temperature flexibility, low temperature bending, impermeability, soluble content, oil permeability, mass per unit area, thickness, tearing strength of nail rod, puncture strength, impact resistance, static load resistance, heat resistance, stripping strength of post-cast concrete, thermal aging performance, etc

Detection standard
TB/T 2965-2011  Technical conditions for waterproof layer of railway concrete bridge deck
GB/T 18173.1-2012  Polymer waterproof materials - Part 1: Sheets
GB 12953-2003  Chlorinated polyethylene waterproof coil
GB 18242-2008  elastomer modified asphalt waterproof coil
GB 23441-2009  Self-adhesive polymer modified asphalt waterproof coil
GB 12952-2011  Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) waterproof coil
GB/T 23457-2017  Pre-laid waterproof coil

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1. Established in 1985, with more than 30 years of testing experience, the first batch of third-party impartial technical inspection institutions approved by the State Administration for Market Regulation.

2. There are offices in various provinces in China, with 12 branch laboratories, which are convenient and convenient, and the testing efficiency is high.

3. Testing capabilities, including 10,000+ parameters and 4,000+ products, covering more than 3,000 items including national standards, industry standards, and international standards.

4. The testing service industry covers metal products, roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, ports, civil construction, petroleum, water conservancy, environmental engineering, etc.

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Qualification Image

Inspection Process

Inspection Process


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