There are many types of steel wire rope, different steel wire rope detection requirements are different, according to the national standard requirements, steel wire rope often check the project indicators are chemical composition, repeated bending, tensile strength, elastic elongation, breaking tensile force, fatigue test, deformation test and so on.

Testing Range
Important use wire rope、General use wire rope、Elevator with wire rope、Wire rope for mine hoisting、Crane wire rope、Coal mine important use wire rope、Wire rope for conveyor belt、Maneuvering wire rope、Stainless wire rope And so on.

Test item
1.Mechanical Properties:Tensile test, Impact test, Bendability ,Fatigue test, Break down test, etc
2.Chemical composition analysis: C, Si, Mn, P, S, Cr, Ni, Cu, etc
3.Corrosion performance: salt spray corrosion, etc
4.Coating performance: coating quality, adhesion, coating thickness, corrosion resistance, etc
5.Appearance dimensions: diameter, length, twist moment, non-roundness, length-diameter ratio, etc
6.Failure analysis: fracture analysis, corrosion analysis, etc

Detection standard
ISO3154  Wire rope for mine hoisting
JIS G3525  Wire rope
API SPEC 9A  Wire Rope specification
BS EN12385  Multi-strand wire rope for general hoisting
EN12385  Wire rope for elevators
SN/T0611  Specification for inspection of wire rope for export
ASTM A603  Galvanized Structural Wire Rope

About The Company

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1. Established in 1985, with more than 30 years of testing experience, the first batch of third-party impartial technical inspection institutions approved by the State Administration for Market Regulation.

2. There are offices in various provinces in China, with 12 branch laboratories, which are convenient and convenient, and the testing efficiency is high.

3. Testing capabilities, including 10,000+ parameters and 4,000+ products, covering more than 3,000 items including national standards, industry standards, and international standards.

4. The testing service industry covers metal products, roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, ports, civil construction, petroleum, water conservancy, environmental engineering, etc.

Qualification Image

Qualification Image

Inspection Process

Inspection Process


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