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author:cst    time:2023-07-27

The pull-out test is a common experimental method for testing the anchorage effect of reinforcement materials with the matrix. The principle of the pull-out test is frictional action, which tightly combines the reinforcement material with the soil by applying normal stress, thereby utilizing the static frictional force on the interface between each other to resist external forces.

Common pull-out tests include reinforcement pull-out, anchor bolt pull-out, bolt pull-out, anchor cable pull-out, and steel bar pull-out.

Common equipment for pull-out tests: hydraulic jack.

How much is the cost of pull-out test?

Due to the specific content and methods of pull-out test may vary depending on different situations, the testing cost may also differ. In addition, there may be certain differences in the charging standards of different testing institutions and regions.

For the specific cost of pull-out test, you can consult Zhonggang National Inspection at any time. As a large state-owned testing unit, Zhonggang National Inspection not only has recognized testing capabilities, but also has transparent and reasonable testing charging standards. Engineers are welcome to communicate in detail about the testing requirements for products and projects, and obtain preferential quotations.

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