Report of Sound Probe Detection in Nanning, Guangxi

author:cst    time:2023-07-27

The content of the sound probe detection report includes the following: commissioning party, sample quantity, detection date, instruments and equipment, detection basis, detection conclusion, etc.

Commissioning party address: Nanning, Guangxi, China.

Sample quantity for detection: 2 rods for mother material, 2 rods for joints, 2 rods for bending resistance performance.

Detection cycle: Report will be mailed within 3 days.

Instruments and equipment: Electronic tension testing machine, steel bar bending testing machine, static hydraulic testing machine, electronic universal testing machine.

Detection basis:

1. GB/T 31438-2015 Thin Wall Sound Probe for Concrete Cast-in-Place Piles.

2. GB/T 228.1-2010 Metallic Materials - Tensile Testing - Part 1: Room Temperature Test Method.

3. GB/T 246-2017 Metallic Materials - Pipe Flattening Test Method.

4. GB/T 244-2020 Metallic Materials - Pipe Bending Test Method.

The above is a partial content of the sound probe detection report in Nanning, Guangxi. For detailed inquiries, please consult our online engineer.

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