Tianjin Prestressed Concrete Steel Strand Testing Report

author:cst    time:2023-07-27

The prestressed concrete steel strand testing report includes the following information: client, sample quantity, testing date, instruments used, testing basis, and testing conclusion.

Client address: Tianjin

Sample quantity for testing: 3 strands for tension performance, 1 strand for relaxation performance

Testing cycle: The testing report will be mailed within 7 days.

Testing parameters: Maximum force of the entire steel strand, 0.2% yield force, ratio of 0.2% yield force to the actual maximum force of the steel strand, total elongation at maximum force, elastic modulus, stress relaxation performance.

Testing basis: GB/T 21839-2019 Test Method for Steel Materials Used in Prestressed Concrete.

The above content is a partial excerpt from the Tianjin Prestressed Concrete Steel Strand Testing Report. For more detailed information, please consult our online engineers.

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