Construction (structure) quality safety appraisal refers to the reliability, safety and applicability of the construction (structure) of the investigation, testing, analysis, checking and evaluation of a series of activities. Building safety is the core of its quality, which is directly related to people's life and property safety. When:
(1) Before the building (structure) overhaul;
(2) Before building (building) renovation or addition, reconstruction or expansion;
(3) Before the purpose or use environment of the building (structure) is changed;
(4) When the construction (structure) has reached the designed service life and intends to continue to be used;
(5) In the event of disasters or accidents;
(6) There are more serious quality defects or more serious corrosion, damage, deformation. It will change the stress state of the building (structure) and affect the safety of its normal use. A safe, reasonable, economical and feasible solution can be made for the construction (structure) after the investigation, testing, analysis, checking and evaluation of the construction (structure) through the quality and safety appraisal. It can be seen that the quality safety appraisal of buildings plays an important role in people's life and property safety.

Test Range
Reinforced concrete structure
Steel structure engineering
And so on

Test item
(1) structural system testing;
(2) compressive strength of concrete;
(3) Inspection and determination of component defects;
(4) inspection and deviation measurement of component size;
(5) Inspection of member rebar, including rebar location, thickness of concrete protective layer, diameter of rebar, corrosion state of rebar and mechanical properties of rebar;
(6) Measurement of structural displacement and deformation;
(7) Identification and determination of damage of components, including the identification of damage caused by environmental action, load action, fire action and earthquake action;
(8) Inspection and testing of structural performance.

Detection standard
(1) Seismic Evaluation Standard for Buildings (GB50023-2009)
(2) Industrial Building Reliability Evaluation Standard (GB 50144-2019)
(3) Standard for Reliability Evaluation of Civil Buildings (GB 50292-2015)
(4) General Code for Appraisal and Reinforcement of Existing Buildings GB 55021-2021
(5) Technical Standard for Testing Building Structures (GB/T50344-2019)
(6) Technical Standard for On-site Inspection of Steel Structure (GB 50011-2010)
(7) Technical Standard for On-site Testing of Concrete Structure (GB/T50784-2013)
(8) Technical Regulations for Testing Compressive Strength of Concrete by Rebound Method (JGJ/T23-2011)

About The Company

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1. Established in 1985, with more than 30 years of testing experience, the first batch of third-party impartial technical inspection institutions approved by the State Administration for Market Regulation.

2. There are offices in various provinces in China, with 12 branch laboratories, which are convenient and convenient, and the testing efficiency is high.

3. Testing capabilities, including 10,000+ parameters and 4,000+ products, covering more than 3,000 items including national standards, industry standards, and international standards.

4. The testing service industry covers metal products, roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, ports, civil construction, petroleum, water conservancy, environmental engineering, etc.

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Inspection Process


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