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Sinosteel Zhengzhou

36+ Years' experience

National Metal Products Quality Inspection and Testing Center/Sinosteel Zhengzhou Metal Products Research Institute Co., Ltd., referred to as Sinosteel National Inspection, is the first batch of state-owned third-party inspection institutions approved to be established in the country. It has a 36-year inspection history and is affiliated to Sinosteel. There are more than 3,000 standards in developed countries. The company is headquartered in Zhengzhou, and has molecular company laboratories in Jiaozuo, Hebei, Anhui, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guangdong, Guizhou, and Jilin.

China Steel Testing

Wide detection range

The detection scope covers metal products, engineering raw materials and components, highway engineering, rail transit, bridge engineering, tunnel engineering, civil air defense engineering, steel structure engineering, main structure engineering, communication tower engineering, foundation engineering, environmental engineering and other fields. Covering roofing systems, sound barriers, high-strength bolts, anchors, anchor rods, steel strands, steel wire ropes, steel products, alloy materials, fasteners, castings, rubber, plastics, supports, conveyor belts, telescopic devices, waterproof materials, geosynthetics, coatings, grease, wires and cables, prefabricated components, ores, building materials, refractory materials and other product testing.

CST Testing qualification

Sinosteel National Inspection now has certificates such as CAL, CMA, CMA, CNAS, ILAC, Bridge and Tunnel Special, Special Equipment Inspection and Testing Qualification, Safety Production Testing and Inspection Institution Qualification and other certificates. There are ten categories of authorized testing business scope, more than 10,000 parameters, and more than 4,000 products, including more than 3,000 developed standards such as standards, industry standards, international standards, and the United States, Europe, and Japan. Can provide customers with a full range of testing services.

China Steel Testing

Developmental History


In 1985, the "Metal Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center" was established


Passed the "three-in-one" review of laboratory accreditation, qualification accreditation, and institution accreditation for the first time;


Obtained the special authorization for steel structure inspection of "Railway Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Institution". Started to provide technical services for infrastructure construction.


The project expansion review has been authorized in related testing fields such as bridge and tunnel monitoring, civil air defense engineering, pile foundation engineering, metrology and calibration, and acoustic performance;


Obtained the "Construction Engineering Quality Inspection Foundation Engineering and Urban Bridge Inspection Qualification Certificate" by the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Henan Province


Obtained the "Special Grade Certificate for Highway, Bridge and Tunnel Engineering of Highway and Waterway Engineering Test and Inspection Institution" by the Ministry of Transport


Now, actively expand the scope of business, successively obtained the authorization of "Railway Engineering Quality Supervision and Inspection Institution", "Steel Structure Engineering Inspection Qualification" authorization, "Safety Mark Product Technical Review and Inspection Institution", and actively explored the field of inspection.